Sydenham Fayre 2019 Welcomes Sprocket Science Upcycled Gifts

Sprocket Science Upcycled Gifts

We’re delighted to welcome Sprocket Science Upcycled Gifts to Sydenham Fayre 2019. Paul and Pam are one of our many stall holders and in this post, we learn more about them and what they will be selling at this year’s event.

About Sprocket Science Upcycled Gifts

We started our bike repair business, Sprocket Science, in Watlington 5 years ago and quickly realised just how much metal waste was produced when replacing worn out parts.  With so much emphasis these days on​ reducing our impact on the environment, we set about finding ways to reuse as much as possible.​

From this came our upcycling business Sprocket Science Upcycled Gifts where we turn cassettes, chainrings and chain into​ clocks, candlestick holders and keyrings.  We found that old 7″ single records fit very well to chainrings and clock mechanisms.  Our best seller to date has been the Queen song “Bicycle Race” which Freddie Mercury was inspired to write after seeing Tour de France.

Combing Cycling and Music to Make The Perfect Gift

Our search for cycling and time related records has turned up such gems as “My White Bicycle”, “Chain Reaction”, “The Pushbike Song” and “Sign of the Times”.  We can also make clocks to order with the record of your choosing, perhaps the song that you danced to at your wedding or as a birthday present for someone with the number one single on the day they were born.  They make great presents.

We’ve been wanting to attend Sydenham Fayre in the past, but we have always been on holiday.  This year we are finally available, and we are really looking forward to meeting you all!

Find out more about Sprocket Science Upcycled Gifts here